Yaxley Parish Council

You elect Parish Councillors every four years and the Parish Council is a non-political body. Councillors have an active interest and concern for their local community. They represent local people and work in partnership with them and others when necessary. They help facilitate the provision of local services and facilities and take decisions that form the policy of the Council. Councillors are not paid are non Political and have to abide by a local government code of conduct and declare their financial interests in the parish. Councillors must also declare a personal or prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion at a parish council meetings.


Yaxley Councillors

The role of a Parish Councillor

  • To listen to local residents and represent their views.
  • To actively engage with all citizens and groups.
  • To lead the community and promote the social, economic and environmental development and sustainability of the parish.
  • To ensure equal access to parish council services.
  • To contribute actively to determining priorities, allocating resources, and ensuring council precept offers value for money.
  • To continually improve service delivery.
  • To work together with public officials such as the Police, Huntingonshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council to deliver local objectives.

The Role of the Clerk

The Clerk is one of 10 employees for the Council. We have 6 Ground Staff, one Facilities Officer, one Cleaner and a part time self employed Accountant . The Clerk is the line manager to all of the staff.

  1. The Clerk is the minute taker and carries out the instructions of the Council.
  2. The Clerk is the Proper Officer which means that she is an advisor to the Council on how to conduct business within the vast range of legislation.
  3. The Clerk is also the Responsible Financial Officer . The role involves making sure all audit requirements are fulfilled, budgets are set and monitored, payments are only made under legal Council powers and giving the Council advice in order to set the precept.
  4. The Clerk is the general office manager and carries out all office duties with the assistance of the Assistant Clerk.
  5. The Clerk also is the bookkeeper, keeping financial records, the planning administrator, payroll administrator responsible for PAYE and NI.
  6. The Clerk is also Responsible for the website.
  7. The Clerk is also responsible for the administration of the Cemetery and burials.
  8. The Clerk has many other roles.

Council Committees

Community Facilities Committee

Responsible for The Cemetery, some Bus stops, All Benches and Notice boards, Some public Footpaths and Bridleways, Allotments, Recreations Ground At Middleton’s Road, Queens Park and most grass areas in the village.


Chairman Cllr Jayne Lusted

Cllr Gavin Needham
Cllr Rodney Butcher
Cllr Kevin Gulson
Cllr Sadie McMullon
Cllr Mark Oliver
Cllr David Porteious
Cllr Paul Richardson
Cllr Marion Southgate
Cllr Sheila Wayland

Property Committee

Responsible for ensuring that the Amenity Centre, Workshop, Chapel, Recreation Ground,  Pavillion and Queens Park Pavillion are in good repair and ensuring that money is available for refurbishment, modernisation and repair.


Cllr Gavin Needham
Cllr Rodney Butcher
Cllr Robert Doncaster
Cllr Mark Oliver – Chairman
Cllr David Porteious
Cllr Shelia Wayland
Cllr Marion Southgate
Cllr Simon Sanderson

2 vacancies

Planning Committee

With powers to determine Planning applications. The Planning Committee meets when any application needs attention, and all council sessions are open for the public to watch (although they cannot voice their concerns at this particular forum) unless you have made a prior arrangement with the clerk 7 days in advance, and dates and times of these sessions are published well in advance.


Chairman Cllr Paul Russell
Vice Chair Cllr Mark Oliver
Cllr Robert Doncaster
Cllr Rodney Butcher
Cllr Sadie McMullon
Cllr Andrew Wood
Cllr Erica Gilchrist

1 vacancy

Personnel Committee

This Committee is responsible for the Yaxley Parish Council personnel.


Cllr Andrew Wood – Chairman
Cllr Erica Gilchrist
Cllr Jayne Lusted
Cllr Kevin Gulson – Vice Chairman
Cllr Paul Richardson
Cllr Paul Russell
Cllr Simon Sanderson

1 vacancy

Local MP, County Council and District Councillors


MP for Northwest Cambridgeshire

House of Commons

Constituency office:
01733 380 089

Westminster office:
020 7219 6050


Mac Maguire

Cambridgeshire County Council
Member for Norman Cross Division

Hartford Marina
Banks End
PE28 2AA

01480 450482
07843 394402


Hdc Logo

Eric Butler

Huntingdonshire District Councillor

68 Broadway


Kevin Gulson

Huntingdonshire District Councillor

12 Wolseley Close

Tel: 07793741081